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Oct 31

The Still-Secret Bilderberg Meetings

In my home country there is a secular, nonprofit organization called Transparencia Perú, a name where the first word means “transparency” (as you could already have guessed even if you don’t speak Spanish).  It used to be the case that this word, transparency, was somehow associated to ethical and moral behavior.  I sadly wrote “it used to be” because the type of moral behavior that this word represents doesn’t appear to convey the same meaning anymore, at least not in our days. People know there is an urgent lack of transparency these days; they watch videos as this one, and yet they simply don’t care.

When leaders of the world from many different top national government officials, international bankers and business executives, scientists and researchers from every major organization, and even kings (yes there was at least one king of Spain and other royal European personalities in these yearly meetings), meet secrecy to take decisions with global repercussions, this is just plain wrong (as this English political leader of the older guard says). […] Read More

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