Christians and the Ideology of Gender in Peru

This was originally a response that I made to an article published in the website,, that was very critical to Christian Conservatives for our opposition to the promotion of the homosexual life style and specifically about a Disney movie.  After criticizing this critique in Patheos, they deleted my own comments (and they got the nerve to call us “intolerant”)


I have not watched this last version of the movie Beauty and the Beast, but I can tell you from my own observations that Disney does have an agenda, and it’s not really only Disney, but many and at a global scale.  I have seen other Disney’s movies, and it does seem that they are openly promoting homosexuality.  I don’t think that most Conservative, Bible believing Christians are attacking gays and lesbians, we are attacking the promotion of this life style, and that’s a problem that it must be dealt with properly.

It’s not about hypocrisy, as you clearly call us by comparing us to the Pharisees. Christians should explain that homosexuality is sin, just as fornication, adultery, bestiality, pedophilia, pornography, etc.  Most people outside the Church, know, on the other hand, that cheating on their wives and husbands is wrong.  Most people in the U.S. would agree that bestiality is utterly wrong.  However, the problem with homosexuality, is that this is not just accepted as a normal life style, it’s promoted as such.

Again, this is not about attacking gays and lesbians, it’s about attacking a philosophy that promotes a life style that is clearly anti-Biblical.

Let me give you an example.  In my native Peru, the government is promoting sexual education in schools, a pro-gay sexual agenda that aims to teach children that they can decide their gender of their choice.  I think about a million people marched against it just this March 4th (not only in the capital, Lima, but in almost every major city in the country), and big name newspapers like El Comercio (the main newspaper in the country) didn’t even mentioned by Saturday night (the day of the march).  I checked this myself and I can provide a screen shot of my computer.  They did mention, however, some public protests going on in London! (this is a Peruvian newspaper, not an English one, just to make sure of it).

It seems clear that the local government, businesses and non profits are all in favor of this agenda, called by the opposition La Ideologia de Genero (the Gender Ideology).

Where all this comes from?  Well, look at the current president, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski; another former one, Alejandro Toledo; and the wife of another former president, her name is Nadine Heredia; they all worked for the United Nations, the World Bank or the IMF.  Nadine was being investigated by corruption, and what the UN does? They hired her (a few weeks ago) giving her diplomatic immunity.

There is no question there is a pro-homosexual agenda, and Christians need to be CLEAR about it.  We must love gays and lesbians as if they were our own children — but the most loving, compassionate act is to let them know that they will not inherit the Kingdom of God.  Even if they call us “haters”, that’s fine, we can’t be friends of the world and friends of God at the same time.  That’s also Biblical.

Carlos M. Chapa








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