The Still-Secret Bilderberg Meetings

For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

Jesus, the Son of God (as recorded in John 3:20-21)

In my home country there is a secular, nonprofit organization called Transparencia Perú, a name where the first word means “transparency” (as you could already have guessed even if you don’t speak Spanish).  It used to be the case that this word, transparency, was somehow associated to ethical and moral behavior.  I sadly wrote “it used to be” because the type of moral behavior that this word represents doesn’t appear to convey the same meaning anymore, at least not in our days. People know there is an urgent lack of transparency these days; they watch videos as this one, and yet they simply don’t care.

If you can’t see this video, please read this article’s footnote at the end of the article.

When leaders of the world from many different top national government officials, international bankers and business executives, scientists and researchers from every major organization, and even kings (yes there was at least one king of Spain and other royal European personalities in these yearly meetings), meet secrecy to take decisions with global repercussions, this is just plain wrong (as this English political leader of the older guard says).  As it is also the case of government interference with the recording of our cell phones, text messages and Internet monitoring (until Ed Snow appeared in the picture), which were just denied by the U.S. Government in a not distant past; these meetings were also flatly denied, denied and denied. With the Internet now available to the masses, at least in much of the world, they just can’t do that anymore.

Thus now that they can’t just deny the existence of these meetings anymore, they had to change their propaganda strategy.  The organizers of these particular series of meetings called Bilderberg, where the global elite get together to discuss global issues, they now say, are meant to have an honest type of conversation in a “private” setting environment. This is how they try to justify these meetings.

Since when you need “secrecy” to be “honest”?

The world is changing fast.  I know this sounds like conspiracy theory, but I believe that it is not theory anymore.  Yes, indeed, the world is changing fast, and it is not only because of Climate Change (have you noticed how they don’t call it Global Warning anymore?).  Sure, all these natural disasters and plagues have always happened in the past (I heard this same argument all the time), but in the last ten or 20 years the severity and frequency of them are increasing like the contractions of a pregnant woman, which get more painful and frequent as she is about to give birth.  Jesus prophesied these things long time ago (the to the rest of the world He was only an unknown preacher, the son of a carpenter, without formal education in a remote area of the Roman empire).  These phenomena have a positive relationship with man’s sins on earth.  They are not caused by man’s interference with the environment (although there is some truth on this, mixing truth plus lies is equal to a worse form of lie), but of course, today’s scientists also denied this fact.  Science and moral behavior is now being molded according to the objectives of a Global elite.

The world as we know it is changing fast.  It is my opinion that our life styles are going to change very soon too.  You might want to dismiss this idea as ridiculous, but when change occurs, many people will be just as indifference as they were to news about Prisim when they first heard of it.  This is just what most people do, they first deny facts  and prefer to live in a lie; and when these facts or events do occur, many individuals just don’t care and accept an imposed change as something necessary in this life.

If you don’t know the Truth, I invite you to pray to God, and ask Him in the name of Jesus to show you the truth.  After all, Jesus Himself said to be the light, the truth and the life.  If you pray and don’t believe in God, you have nothing to lose.  Your sincere prayer at least will reveal some sincerity on these issues, but if God is truth, as I know He is, you will have much to win.


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Note: If you can’t see this video above, it may be that your YouTube settings are under “safe” mode (implying of course that this video is “unsafe”).  You may then want to go to this alternative link:  It’s not quite the same video, but you’ll get the broad idea.  However, even this second video or website was also blocked by own computer’s Parental Control software (OpenDNS, which I use to keep my teen son out of trouble).  By the way, it’s also curious (now that I’m in the subject), but this pervasive blocking also reminded me of what happened one of the last times I went to the VA Hospital (I’m a proud veteran of the US military), when I tried to connect to this very same website Cristiana.US (please note it’s not as that domain was already purchased when I began this blog) through the hospital Wi-Fi, and this same website you are reading now was also blocked.  I don’t remember the name of their blocking software (it was not OpenDNS), but I had to contact the software company to let them know there is nothing wrong with this website.  Now, one last reflection, are these three events merely accidental?  If you, dear visitor, answer affirmatively, you must at least acknowledge that the chances for these things to happen by pure accident are very low.

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