Kidnapping Christian Girls to Convert Them to Islam: Is Islam a Religion of Love?

I am still saddened and shocked to hear people in YouTube claiming that Islam is a religion of love.  Real life video clips like this one shows a very different story.  Nigerian kidnapped girls being forced to this religion, all against their own will.  Their only “sin” being to look for opportunities by getting a very basic education in a local school.
Is this too much for girls to ask or to aspire?

Why is this religion so violently opposed against the advancement of women?
Is this just an isolated event that has even led to mobilize First Lady Michelle Obama to devote an entire TV weekly address on the subject? I think not!

Update:  The previous video we had was removed so we added a similar one

News like these ones abound in Africa, Asia and the Middle East — they just seldom make it to the become headlines in any of the major US news networks.  By the fact remains: it’s is indeed common domestic policy in these countries, where Islam is the official religion of the state, to exclude women from public offices, education and civil and political participation.

There is this Spanish phrase that says that “you can’t cover the sun with a finger”.  The truth is up there, and yet there are so many people here in America that deny these things about the Islam because it seems to me that talking and preaching about tolerance is the norm these days.

I mention these things because some people have argued against some of the principles I hold basic in the past.  Of course, as everybody else, I have my own biases about things — convictions about my own belief systems —  and I always write about them here and in other publications, but at least I support my opinions with factual evidence, not with other opinions.

Not long ago, for instance, I saw somebody sharing an opinion about an issue by sharing the opinion of somebody else! Does this make sense?  I don’t think so.  To support an opinion with somebody’s else opinion is just nonsense.  Not my dear friends, you don’t support an opinion with another opinion, but with facts… Enough said today.

Carlos M. Chapa

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